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Yankuang Group Co., Ltd. is an extra-large State-Owned-Enterprise (SOE) mainly engaged in coal mining & sales, coal chemical industry, power generation & aluminum production and machinery manufacturing. The mining business commenced development in 1966 and Yanzhou Coal Mining Bureau was established in 1976. It was restructured into a sole State-owned company in 1996, and further developed into Yankuang Group Co., Ltd. in 1999. Now Yankuang Group is the largest coal exporter & producer integrated with coal further-processing in Eastern China, and one of the three chemical industry bases in Shandong Province.

Yankuang Group, with its mission of “Creating value and Dedicating light & heat to the society”, has experienced an extraordinary development for years by applying the scientific outlook on development, restructuring business and transforming growth patterns. Yankuang has developed the new growth situation with 3 Industrial Parks in Yankuang HQs areas and 5 Production Bases outside Shandong respectively located in Yulin (Shaanxi), Ordos (Inner Mongolia), Guizhou province, Xinjiang Province and Australia, which involves coal mining & sales, coal chemical industry, power generation & aluminum and machinery manufacturing. In 2010, Yankuang ranked 115th among China’s Top 500 Enterprises with total assets of RMB 110 billion and 94,600 employees.

In recent years, Yankuang Group was honored with various awards and titles, such as “National Excellent Enterprise Award (Golden-Horse Award)”, “May Day Labor Award”, “National Quality Award for Project Construction”, “Contract Abiding & Trustworthy Enterprise”, “National Advanced SOEs for Building Top Management”, “National Meritorious Enterprise for Energy saving and Emission reducing”, “China Environmental-friendly Coal Enterprise”, one of the “China Most Influential Enterprises”, “National New Pilot Enterprise for Innovation”, “Creditable Enterprise with AAA level”, “Shandong Provincial Meritorious Enterprise in the past 30 years of the Reform & Opening-up”. Yankuang Group was selected as an enterprise representative for its achievements by Publicity Department, CCCPC for celebrating the 60th anniversary of P.R.C. Founding. Mr. Wang Xin, CEO of Yankuang, was awarded nomination of "2009 Economic figures" in China sponsored by CCTV. Yankuang Coal Mining Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Yankuang, has been listed as “Top 50 Listed Companies in China” since its IPO, and granted of “National Award for Quality & Management”, “China Quality Award” and “Quality & Management Award” by Asia-Pacific Quality Control Organization.